Serving Our Community

UCD's foundational focus is on the physical world, and we work to maintain clean and safe streets.

Our sixty Public Safety Ambassadors serve as a highly visible deterrent to crime, patrolling University City streets each day from 10am to 3am, in cooperation with the Philadelphia, Penn and Drexel Police departments, and security forces from Drexel University and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Our twenty-five Public Space Maintenance (PSM) employees work seven days a week to clean and enhance more than 160 commercial and residential blocks, including the maintenance of nearly 150 public trash cans. PSM partners with local residents to keep the community clean and personal and public property maintained.

Together, Safety Ambassadors and PSM provide a secure, welcoming University City for residents, employees, students and visitors.

Need assistance? Call 215-387-3942 between 10am-3am, 7 days a week. 

Serving our Community

Uniformed in green and yellow, Public Safety Ambassadors' services include walking escorts, vehicular services, homeless outreach as well as tracking public hazards such as potholes, problem street signs, and blocked sewers.