Announcing the Pub at The Porch

Aug 23, 2017 6 years ago

Since its introduction in late 2011, The Porch at 30th Street Station has become one of Philadelphia’s most vibrant public spaces, with amenities such as flexible seating, seasonal horticulture, rotating food trucks, and eclectic performances. And now, The Porch will soon be a destination for post-work drinks, thanks to a collaboration between University City District, SHIFTSPACE and Bridgewater’s Pub.

The Pub at The Porch will be Philadelphia’s next great spot to enjoy outdoor beverages. Bridgewater’s Pub, the venerable drinking and dining destination inside 30th Street Station, will operate The Pub, serving beer, wine, and rotating bar fare Wednesday through Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm. The Pub will be located near the center of The Porch, where food trucks set up for weekday lunch service.

“The Porch at 30th Street Station is in the middle of a thriving and growing community, with thousands of local employees, residents, commuters and passersby streaming around 30th Street every day. The Pub at the Porch provides them with one more reason to stay in University City in the evening, and one more reason to visit The Porch,” said UCD Vice President of Planning and Economic Development Andrew Stober. “Bridgewater’s is the perfect operator for The Pub at The Porch,” Stober noted, “since they have been loved by commuters, travelers, and a loyal group of regulars within 30th Street Station for decades, so it makes perfect sense for them to operate for a similar crowd outside.”

“With The Pub at The Porch, we sought to change the conversation about non-permanent structures. We wanted to create something as practical as a shipping container, but take it to a next step by fusing modern architecture with the look and feel of The Porch. And SHIFTSPACE was a great partner for that,” said Nate Hommel, UCD’s Director of Planning and Design.

Local firm SHIFTSPACE designed and manufactured the free-standing, non-permanent structure. The 10x10 cube will have a more solid feel than other temporary drinking spaces, and its vibrant turquoise color coupled with carved-out architectural features present a new and engaging experience from every angle. ”SHIFTSPACE is a multi-disciplinary studio that designs products, environments and experiences. The studio has been blending architectural space, public art, plant life, and sustainability together with places and products since 2009.

Since UCD believes high quality public spaces should be built iteratively – with an initially modest capital investment and a feedback loop to inform future improvements—the plans for The Pub will be fluid, with the possibility of bringing in regular food trucks, entertainment, and programming to The Pub. The days and hours of operation may also change depending on usage. And once the weather turns too cold for an outdoor pub, UCD will experiment with other uses for the structure until warm weather returns.

The Pub at The Porch will have its grand opening from 4 – 9 pm on Thursday, August 31st (weather permitting), featuring food from Porch favorite Dos Hermanos and raffles and giveaways throughout the evening, plus live entertainment from 5-7 pm. The regular Wednesday-Friday service hours will begin after that and continue through October, and possibly longer.