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May 12, 2021 36 days ago

Over the past year, we at UCD have worked to support neighbors, local arts organizations, and small businesses through the difficulties of COVID-19 through grants, technical assistance, and by sharing news and resources. Now that vaccinations are rolling out and our city is moving closer to a true reopening, we have launched a new tourism campaign called Rediscover West Philly to show off what makes our neighborhood worth visiting for an afternoon, a day, or a longer stay.

Focusing on four categories—Restaurants, Retail, Recreation, and Refreshment—Rediscover West Philly provides visitors, students, and returning employees with recommendations for what to eat, where to shop, the best spots to relax, what events to attend, and more.

While not a comprehensive list of all our community offers, Rediscover West Philly instead provides a snapshot of curated selections, and we will work to keep the site updated with new selections and tips to help people who don’t live here understand what we know: that West Philly is truly a remarkable and vibrant place to visit. Please feel free to share this website with friends, family, or anyone you know who is interested in visiting West Philadelphia! 

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