State of University City 2016

Nov 19, 2015 2 years ago

We are proud to share with you The State of University City 2016. This latest edition of UCD’s annual publication illustrates University City’s status as an engine of remarkable prosperity, innovation and commercial and residential vibrancy, boasting world-class public spaces and amenities. The report gives an in-depth guide to the developments – academic, commercial, public, residential and more – that are driving the growth and expansion in the neighborhood. Almost 80 pages of charts, statistics, photographs, and stories help demonstrate why University City and its concentration of economic activity are setting a national pace for opportunity.

University City, the 2.4 square mile area just west of the Schuylkill River, is propelling Philadelphia into an era of innovation and opportunity. University City institutions are investing nearly $1 billion in R&D spending dedicated to new discoveries and medical cures. Global innovators in science and medicine, venture capitalists, world renowned thinkers, and notable artists call University City home. University City set record highs for population, student enrollment, median home value, patents issued, and will shortly reach a landmark of 75,000 jobs.

“University City institutions and businesses are helping to fuel the growth of Philadelphia’s economy. The magnificent mix of academic, research and commercial partners in University City is leading the region – and much of the country – in the acceleration of economic activity,” says Matt Bergheiser, Executive Director of University City District.

Built on the indispensable foundation of Clean and Safe, UCD has steered its work to match the vision of its partner institutions, creating new possibilities for the neighborhood. UCD is responsible for public space investments such as the revamped Porch at 30th Street Station, an enhanced pedestrian experience on the Market Street Bridge, and the forthcoming improvements to the 40th Street Trolley Portal. UCD impacts the community through its work with the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative and Project Rehab, and continues to put its stamp on one of the region’s most vital neighborhoods.

The State of University City 2016 focuses on major news from the past year and previews the significant projects that lie ahead. Click here to read the report. To obtain copies of State of University City 2016, contact the UCD by phone at 215-243-0555 or by email at [email protected]

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