Support Local Restaurants with Help from UCD!

Customers dine at Renata's Kitchen
Mar 15, 2020 4 years ago

Please note: We've added new details to hopefully clear up some confusion over how this promotion will work. We are asking customers to support local restaurants by purchasing gift cards for personal use, and then UCD will also purchase gift cards that we will use in future promotions and giveaways and double your support up to $250 per restaurant. All accounting will happen between the restaurant and UCD. 

University City's rich and diverse restaurant scene is facing a unique challenge as we all struggle to deal with the impact of the coronavirus. During these trying times, many local restaurants and eateries are suffering reduced business or facing temporary closures. University City District wants to help local restaurants, local employees, and the public by offering our support through a limited time promotion.

Through Tuesday, March 31st, 2020, UCD will join you in supporting local restaurants by purchasing up to $250 in gift cards per participating restaurant to match customer purchases. UCD will keep the gift cards to use in future promotions and giveaways, and the restaurant keeps the additional revenue. All customers need to do is purchase a gift card at any of the participating restaurants below--UCD will work directly with restaurants to track sales through March 31st, and purchase gift cards to match the total sales, up to $250 per restaurant.   

To put it simply:

  • Support your favorite restaurants by purchasing gift cards to use later. More restaurants are signing up each day. If you contact a local restaurant and they haven't signed up, please tell them to reach out to us! 
  • If a restaurant opts-in to our program and provides us gift card sales receipts, UCD will purchase as much as $250 in gift cards per restaurant to match your purchases, which we will use in future promotions and giveaways.
  • The goal of this program is to inject revenue into local restaurants during this tumultuous time. We encourage you to continue purchasing gift cards even if the $250 number has been reached. 
  • UCD will work with each restaurant to track sales and purchase the cards at the conclusion of the program. 


Purchasing a gift card from a favorite local restaurant or coffee shop is a great way to show your support and help keep favorite local eateries in business during these difficult times. Customers must contact restaurants directly to see if gift cards may be purchased online or via the phone. We recommend using Yelp to find contact info for local restaurants, or view a list of restaurants we partnered with in the past through Dining Days

This promotion is open to all independent restaurants, coffee shops, and chains with fewer than 10 total locations that operate within our district (from the Schuylkill River to 50th Street, and generally speaking Woodland Avenue to Spring Garden). Although this current promotion is aimed at helping local eateries, please remember that all local businesses, from barbershops to nail salons to pet stores to gift shops and everything in between, are in need of support right now. Please consider purchasing gift cards from all of the businesses that contribute to the overall vibrancy of our wonderful neighborhood.

Participating Restaurants