UCD's Retail Restart Fund

A customer shops at a local store
Jun 16, 2020 13 months ago

Local businesses are the backbone of our neighborhood, which is why we launched a Retail Restart Fund in May of 2020 to get cash directly into the hands of University City business owners and operators as Philadelphia moves toward re-opening. On Monday, June 15th, we alerted 79 local businesses that they would receive microgrants of $635 to absorb some of the costs of re-opening safely or adjusting operations – covering the purchase of supplies ranging from personal protective equipment and contactless payment systems, to plexiglass dividers and outdoor tables, to paper menus and staff safety training. We hope these funds can make a small but important difference in getting their businesses operational again. 

The Retail Restart Fund was financed with support from local residents and businesses, in addition to regional philanthropic partners. Thanks to their combined generosity, we raised $50,000 to fund local businesses. We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to every business, neighbor, and partner (listed below) who donated--without their support this fund would not have been possible. We pledge to continue working on behalf of our community as together we work toward recovery. 

List of Donors

Susan Best

Julie Blank

Campus Apartments

Craig Carnaroli

The Connelly Foundation 

Edwin Deegan

Director's Grant Program of the Barra Foundation

Julie Donofrio

Murray Dubin

Stephanie Fahringer

Johannah Fine

David Forde

Susan Gerber

Barry Grossbach & Mike Hardy

Richard Guffanti

Kelly Hartmann

Katie Hawkes

Curt Hess

Evan Johnstone

Priya Joshi

Jamie Kudera

Jeffrey Lin

Michael Murphy 

Laura Parnum

David Penkower

Ann Pomeroy

Joseph Ruane

Eric Santoro

Spruce Hill Civic Association 

Rachel Szkaradnik

Mary Tilley

U3 Advisors

University City District


Walnut Hill Community Association

Joan Weiner

Wexford Science + Technology

Karen Wisnia

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