University City District (UCD) is excited to unveil Looped In, an innovative new social seating structure poised to “pop-up” in University City public spaces. Seeking a unique and portable seating system that encourages gathering and interaction, UCD selected Brian Phillips and Interface Studio Architects(ISA) to conceptualize and design the structure, which also explores the intersection of art and functionality. Looped In made its debut on September 6th at The Porch at 30th Street Station and then moved to Clark Park in October. 

Built in Philadelphia by En-Motion Design, Looped In is designed to last. The rigid, angular, powder-coated steel frame will support several users on each seat at any given time. The seats are crafted out of sustainably harvested and locally-sourced Black Locust wood that is rot resistant and durable enough for outdoor use. Looped In consists of three distinct “looped” pieces that are fully portable, yet durable and hefty enough to withstand high demand. Each unit uses a custom steel frame comfortably crafted and designed for reclining or upright seating or somewhere in between.

The goal of Looped In is to provide a novel approach to enlivening public space and encouraging social gathering. Nate Hommel, UCD’s Capital Projects Manager, added that “People love being around other people. Looped In is an evolution of our concept that site furniture can enhance comfort and social interaction in our public spaces. We hope our social seat is a catalyst that inspires social interactivity.”

After moving through different locations through University City, Looped In will remain at Woodland Green for the immediate future. 

Looped In