Parks and urban green spaces lend beauty and quality of life to University City. Each of the parks in University City has its own unique character and encourages economic vitality, tourism, community development, reinvestment, education, and recreation.

Parks and Playgrounds

Barkan Park

Barkan Park is a small, green, open space with trees and grass.

Cedar Park

Small and unassuming, Cedar Park is nevertheless the center of a diverse and vibrant neighborhood.

Clark Park

Filled with picnickers, sports players, and event-goers, Clark Park is the verdant epicenter of University City's parks.

Drexel Park

Drexel Park is a large public green space located on 32nd Street and Powelton Avenue, near Drexel University's campus.

Penn Park

Penn Park combines elements of sports activity with the opportunity for relaxation and informal play.

Saunders Park Greene

This small but popular park has, in recent years, evolved into a community destination.

Sporting Arenas

University City is home to numerous and diverse sporting arenas.


The Woodlands is a National Historic Landmark.