Over the years, the Skills Initiative has made a positive impact on jobseekers, employers and our shared West Philadelphia community. These numbers highlight our results since launching the program, demonstrating the cumulative impact of helping individuals connect to life-changing employment opportunities. 

Results and Impact


Employer Partner Testimonials

"We have some really difficult-to-fill positions. And if we can look to our local community to fill those positions – to me it’s an opportunity to get people back to work, to have people have pride in their community, to be part of something that’s bigger in their community. I feel such a great sense of pride in knowing that we are working together to get people who live minutes from here […] back to work.  But to know that we’re doing that at the same time as filling really critical-to-fill jobs – I can’t think of anything better."

Madeline Bell, CEO, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


"The partnership that Drexel has fostered with the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative has been fundamental to our ability to hire highly skilled employees residing in our West Philadelphia community. Thanks to WPSI’s expertise, hard work and dedication, Drexel is able to directly impact the lives of its neighbors and assist them with achieving long term success."

Megan Weyler, Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness, Drexel University

Participant Testimonials

"I have so many great things to say about WPSI, I don’t know where to begin. This program has helped me find myself, build my confidence. We built people skills, communication skills, and I have also learned to open up and network. Not only did we gain professional education, we also gained life skills, learning how to stay financially stable and also how to prioritize our lives. I can say I will never forget WPSI – this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever encountered."

Shanise Hicks, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Cohort , July 2015


"This program has helped me focus on the career I want and how to make a plan and attack that plan. I’m really able to focus in on my […]career search. I’m just ready to tackle the world and show them what I’ve learned and what I have to offer."

Gary Bailey, University of Pennsylvania Cohort, February 2016


"Coming to this program I was lost, I didn’t know who I was. Throughout the program I was taught a lot of valuable things I can use for the rest of my life. This program has helped me find myself again, know my potential and worth. WPSI has given me so much training and so much information on how to be successful. WPSI has changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful."

Nateesha Malcolm , Allied Universal Cohort, September 2015

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