WPSI’s partners make the Skills Initiative possible. Those partners - some of the most prestigious employers, funders and training providers in the region - help WPSI understand and meet the needs of today’s workplace. Together, we build on real-world knowledge in order to train and provide a stable, skilled workforce comprised of neighborhood residents. 

Partnering with WPSI


WPSI’s jobs-first model puts the employer in the driver’s seat: we operate like a boutique consulting firm, with employers as our primary clients. WPSI programs have a proven track record of raising retention, increasing productivity and quality of services, and reducing turnover.


WPSI’s investors are crucial partners and visionary funders who have joined with us to make this program a reality. 

Training Providers

UCD is always looking for creative and innovative approaches to workforce development. Since our approach to each project is always attuned to the needs of our employer partners, we develop custom solutions to fit the particular needs of employers while ensuring “best practice” execution from our contractors.