2017 WPSI Impact Report

Oct 20, 2017 6 years ago

For the past six years, a unique constellation of enlightened employer partners, committed funders and partners, and dedicated West Philadelphia Skills Initiative staff have joined together to connect hundreds of talented neighborhood residents to work. Along the way, we have helped world-class institutions find the talent they need, supported local jobseekers as they transform their lives, and developed a cutting-edge approach to workforce development.

In our 2017 WPSI Impact Report, we provide an overview of the year at the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative. We celebrate that 93% of our graduates connected to employment in the past year, and that our employer partners have paid over $15 million in wages since the program launched. 

While these statistics are inspiring, nothing beats witnessing the personal triumph of our graduates, who stood at our annual graduation event in June and told their community, "The West Philadelphia Skills Initiative gave me a path out of my helplessness," and "I wanted a job that I looked forward to going to, and now I have it."

Please read about our past year and continue following our progress as we help unemployed West Philadelphians connect to meaningful employment opportunities.