Position Openings

We’re excited to share that University City District’s West Philadelphia Skills Initiative is growing. More specifically, our 4-person team is looking to add two additional people.


Here are the basics: West Philadelphia is exploding with opportunity, with some of the city’s biggest and most prestigious employers located in this part of town. At the same time, many members of the community have a hard time accessing the opportunity that is right in their back yard due to challenges associated with unemployment, limited networks, or trouble navigating the modern job market. 


UCD established the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative to provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by both employers and jobseekers. The Skills Initiative designs programs that help employers address their talent management challenges, like turnover, while preparing job seekers to serve as West Philadelphia’s talented workforce. We help our participants by enhancing their own power, shifting their career perspective, and engaging in real life problem solving. 


Since 2011, we have helped over 90% of our graduates connect to employment. Our team is here to help talented people access opportunity, help employers find the workforce they need, and address economic inequities in our community. To advance this work, we are looking for new team members who are onboard with our shared values. WPSI defines its shared values as follows:

  • We have an unwavering commitment to our stakeholders, whether they be employers or participants. 
  • We’re always innovating, which means that no project is ever actually “done” here at the Skills Initiative. Instead, we intentionally allow aspects of our program to continuously evolve. 
  • We provide the most high quality, seamless, and holistic experience to our participants when we work collaboratively. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about accountability and ownership, but we know that complex problems are best addressed when a diverse team is building a solution.
  • We are intrinsically motivated to do this work. WPSI staff brings an above-average level of energy and drive. 


There is plenty to be done at WPSI, so there’s no doubt that anyone joining our team will get all sorts of experience and the ability to touch every piece of the program. That being said, we are hoping to meet candidates that have spent a few years working in any (or all!) of the following areas: 

  • program development/management 
  • evaluation (both conducting and creating)
  • Salesforce 
  • diversity and inclusion 
  • process improvement and efficiency 
  • business development 
  • talent management 
  • instructional design and facilitation


When it comes to qualifications, we are looking for teammates that have relentless passion for this work, so more important than any particular degree, is your commitment. Please share a piece of work (slide deck, lesson plan, video, cover letter, evaluation, blog post) that helps us to see the type of contribution you can make. We’d like to understand how your specific expertise and outlook can make a big impact at WPSI, so send a brief statement (under 250 words) telling us why you’d like to be a part of the team, your work sample, resume, and salary requirement to [email protected]. Please put “WPSI Job Announcement” in the subject line of your email. We look forward to getting to know you. 


Get to know us better at www.universitycitydistrict.org/wpsi