University City District currently has one open position:

  • Manager, Transportation and Economic Research



Manager, Transportation and Economic Research



This is a time of unprecedented growth in University City, fueled by $3 billion in recent real estate investment, $1.8 billion in annual R&D expenditures, and a concentration of good jobs competitive with any innovation district around the country. Growth brings new opportunities and new challenges, including those related to traffic and transportation, public safety, jobs and employment, and commercial and residential real estate market dynamics. 

University City District prides itself on being a data-driven organization, and we seek a candidate to lead our data-informed analysis of the opportunities and challenges in our environment, exploring the many dimensions of the neighborhood that UCD serves, guiding the efforts of the organization, and informing the forward-looking decisions of our staff and our stakeholders.


The Position

UCD’s Manager, Transportation and Economic Research is responsible for research and analysis across a wide range of areas impacting everyone who lives, works, or spends time in University City. Given University City’s population and workforce growth, a common theme in planning for the future will be the need to grapple with issues at the intersection of traffic, transportation, and the pedestrian and cyclist experience. Thus, the successful candidate will guide the work of UCD’s Transportation Management Association (TMA), playing a leadership role in partnership with anchor institutions, city officials, public transit agencies, developers, and residents to analyze, address, and coordinate planning for a broad range of mobility issues, including: bike and pedestrian safety; traffic congestion; transit routing; transportation infrastructure improvements; and promoting and incentivizing the use of public transportation options.


More broadly, the Manager, Transportation and Economic Research will:

  • Lead University City District’s research agenda, designing and implementing research programs around demographics, real estate trends, public space development and usage, the innovation economy, employment, and transportation. 
  • Lead the work of University City District’s Transportation Management Association, working with high-level partners to analyze and address critical urban mobility issues.
  • Facilitate the communication of data and analysis across UCD for a range of purposes, informing decisions on investments in public space, public safety, greening initiatives, job training, business attraction, and public event participation.
  • Conduct research, analysis, and data visualization for key UCD publications and stakeholder events, including our annual State of University City and regular Market Trends updates.
  • Identify and pursue novel data sources that bear on key aspects of UCD’s work.
  • Present research and analysis in written reports, and internal and external presentations.
  • Provide data and analysis on University City and UCD to external groups including real estate investors, local businesses, and community groups.
  • Develop relationships and partner with UCD stakeholders including area institutions and businesses in order to conduct research, surveys, and special projects.
  • Provide data and analysis to support the work of UCD colleagues in sharing lessons learned and informing local and state public policy discussions.



Top candidates will possess:

  • Superior independent problem-solving skills, data analysis skills, and written communications skills.
  • Experience with:
    • Collecting, querying, and consuming large data sets; using web APIs a plus
    • Demographic, economic, and real estate data
    • Esri ArcGIS products
    • Using statistical techniques to analyze complex data and make future predictions
    • Python, R, or other programming languages for data manipulation, analysis, and visualizations
    • Philadelphia specific datasets
  • Working knowledge of relational databases and SQL; MS Access and FileMaker a plus
  • A willingness to work independently, closely as part of small team, and also across multiple functions and program areas
  • Flexibility and adaptability to take on new tasks with short turnaround times
  • Knowledge of graphics and publishing software, including Adobe products
  • Advanced degree preferred


Next Steps

To apply for this position please submit a thoughtful cover letter and resume to [email protected].