We are thrilled to share an official opening date for Trolley Portal Gardens! The community is invited to join us for a ribbon cutting, an open house, and light refreshments provided by the owners of Trolley Car Station on Thursday, September 27th from 5PM-7PM. Register here.

Trolley Portal Gardens is the culmination of years of fundraising, planning, and construction to transform the 40th Street Trolley Portal into a welcoming, inclusive neighborhood amenity. The space is also home to the brand new Trolley Car Station restaurant, set to open in the next few weeks. Join other neighbors and stakeholders as we officially open the space! Anyone is welcome to attend, although we do ask you to RSVP.

Work at the 40th Street Trolley Portal site is nearly complete. Elements such as the boulders, custom seats, trees, concrete pavers, and tree plaques have all been added to the space, and recently wildflowers began to bloom on the raised mounds. Indego has relocated their bike share station to 40th and Baltimore. Through June and July crews worked to install new lighting poles and lights. We have added trash and recycling containers and are waiting for final elements to be completed before we bring in tables and chairs and officially open the space to the public. The site will be open and operational by next month. Stay tuned for details on an opening celebration. Construction activity has not interrupted trolley service, and we are moving forward in creating a dynamic public space for local residents, employees and commuters.

Recently we spotted a collection of butterflies and bees enjoying the new native plants within the space. Their arrival gave us a preview of how lovely the space will be for commuters once it is completed. 


Work inside Trolley Car Station has continued at a rapid pace, and staff trainings have begun. We look forward to sharing news of an official opening date for the restaurant in the very near future. Below you can view a time-lapse video of the Trolley Car Station's logo being hand-painted on the side of the building. 

Although the site will undergo significant physical transformation, SEPTA trolley service will not be disrupted by the construction. The area will remain open to pedestrians for safe access. Construction of the new public space and restaurant, Trolley Car Station, is expected to be completed in September of 2018. 

Check back here for more updates as the project progresses.

40th Street Trolley Portal Gardens


Through a unique public-private partnership with SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia, and neighborhood stakeholders, UCD has raised $2.1 million to transform the 40th Street Trolley Portal, the busiest at-grade rail station in the city. By combining great urban design, infrastructure renewal and community engagement, UCD will transform the space from an unsightly expanse of concrete into a vibrant and social space featuring beautiful landscaping, movable seating, and a new restaurant that serves as a community asset for thousands of neighbors, commuters and local employees.
When completed, Trolley Portal Gardens will serve as a beautiful gateway for West Philadelphia trolley passengers and a welcoming public space for neighbors. The new establishment, Trolley Car Station, will be an eastern anchor on the fast-growing Baltimore Avenue business corridor, where tens of thousands of neighbors, commuters, university students, and employees from the nearby VA Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia converge.
The site design emphasizes safety and comfort for the estimated 5,000 riders who board or exit trolleys at the Portal each day. The project will improve pedestrian circulation while using cutting-edge storm water management techniques that replace impervious surfaces with lush wildflower meadow-like mounds planted with native species. The overall aesthetic improvements will enhance the commutes of nearly 60,000 riders who pass through the Portal each day. Green City Works, UCD’s full service landscaping social venture, will maintain the space, ensuring that the neighborhood’s beautification is tied to growth and opportunity for local residents.   

Thank You!

This project would not be possible without the support and collaboration of the neighborhood. UCD is excited to realize the dream of upgrading this area into a magnificent public space for thousands of neighbors, commuters, and local employees


To learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Sarah Davis, Director of Development at 215-243-555 x226 or [email protected].