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Dec 19, 2017 6 years ago

20 Years, 20 Stories: UCD's Mr. Fix-It

You always know when Ryan Spak is in the office for the day. Although he only works at UCD part-time, he makes his hours count. He’s always hustling in through the back door, barking into his cell phone, zipping from meeting to meeting, and wasting no time getting down to business so he can solve one problem and move onto the next. He’s UCD’s Mr. Fix-It, our professor of permits, the deed detective. You need a drywall guy? An electrician? Need to know how to navigate L&I? Call Ryan Spak. But chances are he’s on the other line. 

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Feb 04, 2014 10 years ago

Project Rehab at Work | 716 S. 49th Street 

Following a devastating fire many years ago, this property remained neglecting as UCD led a rigorous search for the deceased owner's daughter. Eventually locating her in New York, UCD helped her establish an estate, find a Pennsylvania resident to act as an ambassador, and helped her raise the needed funds to move things forward. UCD then introduced them to several realtors, one of which sold the property in less than 45 days. These new owners - a West Philadelphia-based company - started construction in April 2013.

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Jan 14, 2014 10 years ago

Project Rehab at Work | 4923 Osage Avenue

In 2011, UCD established Project Rehab to provide comprehensive assistance to property owners - moving distressed properties from demolition threat to neighborhood asset while saving taxpayer dollars in the process. One of Project Rehab's remarkable recent success stories is from the 4900 block of Osage Avenue.

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