Transforming Public Spaces

UCD is dedicated to creating and sustaining the public spaces that build a stronger and more vibrant University City. Working in partnership with many others, we work year-round to keep our streets and open spaces beautiful, green, and safe for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and drivers. 


UCD is a nationally recognized leader in data-driven placemaking, and has extensive experience creating all-season spaces that attract visitors, general economic activity, foster community, and inform City practice and policy. From conceptualization and design to construction and operations, UCD has spearheaded successful projects including our flagship public space, The Porch at 30th Street Station, Market Street Bridge streetscape enhancements, and Philadelphia’s first Parklet program. In fall 2018, we opened Trolley Portal Gardens, a dynamic public space and restaurant operating at the largest at-grade rail station in the city. 


Whether we are planting 10,000 bulbs at The Porch at 30th Street, installing custom social seats for the public to enjoy, working on traffic calming efforts, or providing landscape services through our Green City Works landscape team, our impact can be felt throughout the neighborhood.

The Porch at 30th Street Station

One of the most animated public places in Philadelphia, with abundant seating, vibrant seasonal plantings, custom swings, ongoing performances, and food and beverage options.

Trolley Portal Gardens

Creating a new hub of activity at the heart of University City while greening and revitalizing an unsafe concrete space.

Green City Works

Green City Works is a nonprofit, full service landscaping social venture that provides high quality design-build-maintenance services in Philadelphia’s University City while connecting local community members to good, stable jobs.


Innovative temporary seating platforms that transform parallel parking spaces into a place to sit, relax, eat and enjoy street life.

Pedestrian Plazas

UCD works with the City and community to create beautiful pedestrian plazas that create safer, greener streets.

Streetscape Improvements

UCD strives to make University City's built environment dynamic and welcoming through innovative and engaging streetscape improvements.