Key Banner Information

  • UCD holds a Department of Streets permit to hang banners in University City District. For a fee of $195 per banner, UCD will prepare a letter for Philadelphia Art Commission approval, have the UCD Safety Ambassadors periodically inspect the condition of the banners, and secure a contractor to perform all labor.
  • New client banner installation requests should be made 4-6 months prior to installation to confirm banner pole location availability.
  • For returning clients, banner installation requests should be made at least 1 month prior to installation. *If banners are being newly designed, please allow 2 months.
  • For larger institutions, please confirm that banner pole locations are available through your facilities department before contacting University City District.
  • Send banner installation requests to [email protected]
  •  A contract must be signed by the client and UCD, detailing the number of banners, estimated installation date, location, as well as the price. No work can be scheduled until the contract is signed.
  • UCD does not design or produce banners. Swirling Silks is a reputable fabricator of banners and knows the appropriate dimensions and specifications required for banners.
  • Art Commission approval is needed for new banner designs. if a banner design has changed since your last installation, please email a PDF of the design to [email protected].
  • Banners are hung in a 1 to 2-week window. This is dependent on weather and our contractor’s availability. We can not guarantee firm installation dates. Your banners must be sent to the UCD office no later than 1 week before the installation date. If you would like your banners returned upon removal, please arrange to pick them up at the UCD office.  We do not pick up or deliver banners.