Clark Park: Your Local Summer Hideaway

May 29, 2012 8 years ago

by Sharay McGann

As a student living in Center City, I must admit that I often experience the desire for an occasional getaway. A place where I can experience the beauty of nature, smell the fresh air, feel the open space, hear the birds chirp, somewhere that I could even see the stars out at night. As I searched for my fantasy getaway, I stumbled upon Clark Park.

Clark Park has been around since 1895 but I was just becoming acquainted with it. Perhaps, I had found my new favorite place in University City. This park brought the community together, from the young to the old to the Amish. Like clockwork, from 10:00am to 2:00pm every Thursday and Saturday, a Farmer’s Market was held in Clark Park, which also helped generate revenue among the entrepreneurs in the community.Clark Park

Naturally, the Saturday that I stumbled upon Clark Park the usual Farmer’s Market was being held. However this Saturday in particular, the day before Mother’s Day, happened to be a special day, a day that brought most of the community out to Clark Park.

From the time that I arrived at Clark Park, I noticed the inflated bouncy house and the face-painting table that was set up to keep the little people, also known as children, occupied. Second, I noticed the Farmer’s Market had commenced. Then, my eyes darted to the band that started to play music as a crowd collected around the Food Trucks lined up on 43rd Street. Afterwards, I noticed each individual booth that was set up by the amateur artists and entrepreneurs in the community. With them, came the eager bargain hunters. I even spotted a masseur, in Clark Park, who came prepared with his portable massage chair to offer massage therapy, for a price of course ($1 per minute).

Clark Park is a great place to bring your children. I would even encourage bringing your pets along. It is a great place to walk your dog and allow your children to play and run freely. Clark Park is located at Baltimore and 43rd Street and it’s always open to visitors.

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