Freshly Picked Vegetables, Blazin' Hot Hummus, and Delicious Desserts at Today's Farmers' Market at The Porch!

Jun 13, 2012 11 years ago

By Sharay McGann

If you’re looking for a great place to grab lunch on Wednesdays, I encourage you to try the Farmers’ Market at The Porch at the 30th Street Station. Between the hustle and bustle of my morning classes and the drag of my afternoon classes, I find it convenient to grab a healthy lunch or satisfy my sweet tooth with a chocolate treat from one of the local vendors.

You are guaranteed to find anything from sweet cherries to delicious chocolate treats in the shapes of ladybugs or bees. My only dilemma, on my most recent visit, was whether to eat a healthy lunch or to indulge my sweet tooth. Because there are plenty to choose from, I couldn’t help but stop by all of the vendors before making a decision. As I walked around, I noticed the MyHouse Cookies pie vendor. Then, shortly after, I spotted the FreshaPeel Hummus vendor. He introduced all of the delectable flavors of hummus that were offered, ranging from sweet to spicy. I tried them all—from Chocolate Dessert Hummus to Blazin’ Buffalo Hummus. Apparently, the most popular flavor of hummus is the Lemon Kale Hummus but, by far, my favorite is the Pumpkin Dessert Hummus.

Next, I tried the cherries from Frecon Farms. Their cherries were sweet, freshly picked, and only $4 per pint. Afterwards, I stopped by Brulee Bakery, where I discovered their “triple-chocolate” brownies and four-cheese spinach croissant. Having already purchased the cherries, I decided to go healthy and purchase the four-cheese spinach croissant for only $5. With its “flakey, buttery layers of heaven,” this croissant is unforgettable. The “triple-chocolate” brownies are definitely on my must-try list for next time.

Although I was content with my lunch selection, I couldn’t help but wander over to the vendor with the intriguing chocolate treats. Their banner read “John & Kira’s” and their chocolate treats screamed “try me!” I tried a Chocolate Ladybug and a Chocolate Bee. With its honey caramel filling, my favorite was the Chocolate Bee. In accordance with John and Kira’s, these chocolate bugs are “guaranteed to please the palate just as much as the eye.”

The Farmers’ Market at The Porch at the 30th Street Station is held every Wednesday from 11:00am to 2:00pm. It’s a great place to grab lunch at a shaded picnic table, meet new people, and listen to the upbeat sounds of the City Wide Specials, a local bluegrass band.