Great Food At An Affordable Price! Our Student Blogger Hits Up Dining Days!

Jul 17, 2012 11 years ago

By: Rosa Ziegler

Dining days might just be my favorite time of year in University City. It’s the time when I get to try out all the restaurants that my student budget does not allow for, and the time when I no longer have an excuse to not try something new. My first stop this year was Pizza Rustica. The dining terrace, with its arbor and grape vines was enough to convince me that this was no average pizzeria. That was confirmed when I was fed in true Italian style- lots! While most places are dishing up three course meals for $15, $25, or $30, Pizza Rustica served up an awesome 5-course meal for just $15 bucks.

Every table gets a plate of bruschetta to start- but be warned; it’s not time to fill up yet. Next my beau and I ordered their fire roasted artichoke dip (which I am told is their most popular appetizer) and some polenta, sausage, and mozzarella skewers. I was a bit nervous that we were only on round two and I was already getting full. Then came caesar salads with some fab crostini-esq croutons.

For the main course I ordered a personal “Mexicana con Chorizo Pizza” which is not for those who fear spice! And for the record, that so-called personal pizza took me two days to eat. My beau went for the veal parmesan. When I asked,the waiter assured me that he’d never seen anyone finish that in one sitting.

I forged ahead to the star of the show- their hand filled cannoli and ate more than my fair share of a slice of French style cheesecake. As far as I can tell, no matter what you order here youcan’tgo wrong. Did I mention that a tea, cappuccino or espresso is included? 

Dining Days continues its delicious reign until the 26th of this month. To check out more information on menu options and restaurants participating, please click here.