Help Shape a Renewal of Clark Park!

Clark Park's "B" Park
Dec 12, 2022 14 months ago

Clark Park, the 9-acre oasis located between 43rd and 45th Streets and Baltimore and Woodland Avenue in West Philadelphia, is due for a refreshment, and the Friends of Clark Park want your input! The Friends of Clark Park have hired Philadelphia-based landscape architecture firm Studio Bryan Hanes to help develop a 2024 Master Plan for Clark Park’s “B Park,” the portion of Clark Park south of Chester Avenue that contains the bowl, playground, basketball courts, and more.

On Wednesday, December 14th from 5 - 8 PM, head to Rosenberger Hall (600 S 43rd Street) to join an  open discussion about the future of the park. The design team is seeking the voices and imagination of the surrounding community to collaborate with them on how to improve a key section of the beloved park. If you’re unable to make the event, you may fill out a survey online by clicking here, or stay for an additional open-house event.

Studio Bryan Hanes has done extensive work in the city, including the Rail Yard Phase 1, the Perry World House on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, and the last major renewal of the “A” portion of Clark Park in 2011, the area between Baltimore and Chester Avenue that includes the Dickens statue, the chess boards, and the gravel pathways and seating areas. The 2011 refreshment brought larger green spaces, water-management technologies, broadened sidewalks, and the removal of dead and damaged trees, and also included the addition of the orange tables and chairs, and new gravel walkways, and the central gravel circle area. You can read more about that project here.

The Friends of Clark Park know and understand that Clark Park is a significant recreational, environmental, and historical hub for West Philadelphia, if not the whole city. They value the input of everyone who uses the park. Make sure your voice is included!