New Recyclables and a Reminder to Hold on to Your Old Electronics (for now)

Dec 15, 2011 12 years ago

A couple of important announcements in the last few days on the city's recycling policy come just in time for the holidays. The city announced that liquid cartons can now be recycled. That includes milk and juice containers, and the kind of cartons that contain unrefrigerated soups, soy milk, etc. As you prepare your holiday meals, make sure that these containers make it into your recycling bin instead of your trash can. The city also announced that #6 styrofoam can now be recycled, though you do need to bring it to the Northeast Drop-Off Center (directions here).

This material is different from the #6 plastic, which continues to be recyclable curbside. #6 styrofoam is the material used in egg containers, cups, and especially the large molded pieces that protect electronics. And speaking of electronics, as you unpack your new tv's, computers, and other holiday gifts, hold on to your old ones long enough to bring them to the electronics recycling dropoff at Clark Park on Saturday, January 7th. Anything with a plug is acceptable, and will be recycled properly, keeping harmful materials out of the environment. Click here for more details.