Project Rehab at Work | 4923 Osage Avenue

Jan 14, 2014 9 years ago

In 2011, UCD established Project Rehab to provide comprehensive assistance to property owners - moving distressed properties from demolition threat to neighborhood asset while saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

One of Project Rehab's remarkable recent success stories is from the 4900 block of Osage Avenue. When UCD connected with the owner, the home was completely filled with debris (as seen here) and overwhelmed by water damage which collapsed the property's rear wall and caused the kitchen to fall into basement. Over the course of several months, UCD guided him through the clean-out process, rehabilitation, and sale of the home. In December the home went back on the market - completely rehabilitated - for an astonishing $349,900.

Project Rehab is available to any owner of distressed real estate in University City who needs assistance with any matter related to their property. Interested in learning more about Project Rehab? Contact UCD at 215-243-0555 or via email [email protected].