Read Details about SEPTA's Proposed 49 Bus Route

Feb 28, 2017 2 years ago

Today representatives from SEPTA held a community meeting to share details on a proposed Route 49 bus. The new route would operate from Brewerytown, Fairmount, and Grays Ferry via University City. Route 49 would provide an important connection to the growing number of jobs and health resources in University City, seven days a week. The proposed routing would create a direct transit option between 30th Street Station and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

At the meeting, SEPTA presented prospective plans for the proposed route and invited community feedback. View the plans below, and if you would like to submit feedback, please email [email protected]. To view higher resolution images, click here. 



Please consider coming farther east into the Fairmount neighborhood before cutting south.

That would be great!

Some observations on this.

North end - starting/ending at the Please Touch Museum and operating via Parkside Ave and Girard Ave to 29th St would connect the PT Museum and the Zoo to 30th Street Station, currently a very significant 'disconnect' in the transit system.

Center/University City - the route misses the former Civic Center area, a focal point of growing employment. Operating via 33rd/34th Sts and Civic Center Blvd/Health Services Dr, University Ave and 34th St would seem to provide this. The Schuylkill Ave/Christian St segment is already served by Route 12.

South end - picking up from the above at Grays Ferry Ave, operation on 27th/28th Sts, Snyder Ave, 24th St and Oregon Ave, either to the 23rd/Oregon shopping center or Southern Depot, would provide north-south service to the Grays Ferry neighborhood, which has never existed, and provide transfer opportunities to crosstown routes in South Philadelphia. The route as proposed on 24th/26th Streets is closely paralleled by Routes 7 and 12. The Dickinson St route is within 2 blocks of eastbound Routes 29 and 64.

I really like this idea. I agree with a lot of what Bob has said.

I just wanted to add that there's soccer (and other sports and rec for kids and adults, around Edgeley, near the Smith Playground that would benefit as well. The 32 and 38 don't run often enough to get to the Please Touch Museum or Edgeley Fields/Smith Playground, and passing the zoo and PTM, would be an added benefit.

Also wish it would go by the Parkside Shoprite shopping center through Fairmount/Brewerytown. Although, that's probably stretching it, it would be nice to have more direct lines of transit to grocery/shopping options in the city. It's actually easier for me to hop on the 7 bus (and ride for about 45 minutes) to get to a hardware or shopping stores down to South Philly than it is to get to a "closer" Parkside shopping center.

As for our neighborhood service, lastly, I wanted to mention that the 32 and 48 service are good, except that one or both should reach the Kroc Center, several blocks from where it would currently let out for the Kroc center. It’s a major community center and Fairmounters use the center, too. They have a lot of after school programs, and while I wish I could take my kids, it’s at least a 15 minutes walk from where the bus drops off, and I’ve spoken with other individuals that they need to take several buses to get there and home at night, so it would be nice to have a more direct route.

Thank you for working on a 49 bus route.

I love the proposed route. I live at 25th and Fairmount and work at the Cira Centre. This would be quick and convenient as proposed.

I love this route!

Thank you so much for creating this bus line. I very much appreciate it, and second the idea of it continuing north to create direct bus access to please touch, the zoo, and possibly smith playground. Thanks again.

The proposed Route 49 has a lot of issues and shortcomings. Specifically,
1) A routing along Market Street will almost be guaranteed to be congested during rush hour, while needlessly duplicating the MFL and trolley lines.
2) The routing along Fairmount Ave just for the Eastern State Penitentiary is not necessary given that the 7 and 48 already serve it. Comparatively, there is a need for more routes to run along Pennsylvania Ave by the Rodin Museum and the large apartments fronting it.
3) The chance that a Grays Ferry resident will willingly use this route to get to Center City, as opposed to the 12, is very low given the diversion to University City.
4) A routing along South St is also not very direct for Grays Ferry-U City commutes as opposed to the University Ave bridge, which currently has no scheduled bus service across it. Consequently, the routing tries to serve a nascent CHOP Roberts Center but largely misses the much larger and more established CHOP complex on Civic Center Blvd.

Fundamentally I do not believe that a route from Fairmount to 30th St Station should be the same route that runs from University City to Grays Ferry. The two purposes that this route tries to serve should be split among two routes instead of awkwardly trying to combine them like this. Therefore I propose, for comparable cost:
1) A modified Route 49, running from Allegheny Depot or 33rd-Dauphin down 29th, Pennsylvania Ave, Anne d'Harnoncourt Dr around the Museum of Art, Spring Garden, 33rd/34th, Civic Center Blvd (made bidirectional), 34th St, and down Grays Ferry via 30th/29th.
2) A modified Route 7, which diverts via the Chestnut St Bridge to 30th St, then enters the I-76 onramp and returns via the 676 bridge to 20th/21st St. Because of the new 49, the 7 should also shift to use 25th/24th St up towards Glenwood, possibly terminating at 23rd/Hunting Park.
Thank you for your attention.

It has to be done sooner or later , because if you look into the near future of Philadelphia , you will see 3oth street station area and university area will be the new downtown with taller buildings and much bigger population of workers . It is now moving in that direction now .

This is great...adding access to west and south philly from Fairmount would be ideal.

I agree with many of the previous comments about utilizing 33rd/34th Sts and Civic Center Blvd/Health Services Dr, University Ave and 34th St. to pick up the more congested hospital area. The northbound route in South Philadelphia is really convoluted. If you don't shift it to pick up the University City hospitals, why not at least go north on 28th Street to increase access to the Grays Ferry Plaza?

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