Spruce Street Trolley Track Renewal Project Will Impact Local Traffic Through May 4th, 2024

An image of trolley tracks in West Philadelphia
Mar 08, 2024 47 days ago

Our partners at SEPTA have announced upcoming work that will impact a portion of our neighborhood. From March 18th through May 4th, 2024, they will be performing excavation and renewal of a corroded and broken rail on Spruce Street between 40th and 42nd Streets; vehicular traffic and parking will be restricted in the work area during this time, and the 42 bus will be detoured. 

The intersections at 40th and Spruce and 42nd and Spruce will not be impacted by this work. 


  • This project includes the excavation and renewal of the existing corroded and broken rail on Spruce Street between 40th Street and 42nd Street. The intersections at 40th & Spruce and 42nd Spruce will not be impacted by this work.
  • Construction will take place from March 18, 2024 through May 4, 2024.
  • The Route 42 will be detoured during construction (see map below for reference) 
  • All Subway Service Trolleys will operate in the tunnel throughout the duration of this project.




  • Spruce Street between 40th Street and 42nd Street for the duration of the project. Vehicular traffic and parking will be restricted in the work area.
    • Route 42 Westbound via Spruce Street will turn left on 40th, right on Pine, right on 43rd, and left to return to Spruce
    • Route 42 Eastbound via Spruce Street will turn left on 43rd, right on Locust, right on 40th, and left to return to Spruce  
  • 41st Street will be closed to thru traffic. Local traffic will be permitted up to the construction site.
  • East of 40th Street on Spruce Street will not be impacted. In addition, southbound traffic on 40th Street and both northbound and southbound traffic on 42nd Street will not be impacted.
  • Motorists traveling from East Spruce Street will be directed to use 40th Street, Baltimore Avenue and 42nd Street.
  • Motorists traveling from West Spruce Street will be directed to use 42nd Street, Locust Street and 40th Street.
  • 41st Street motorists will be directed to use Locust Street, 42nd Street and Pine Street.
  • Posted traffic detours will be erected and maintained around the work area in progress.
  • Emergency vehicles will have uninterrupted access. Trash collection and other city utilities will continue to have access during the closure.



  • Normal construction hours are – Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. However, there may be weekdays where crews work past 3:30 pm. Occasional weekend work may also be needed to maintain the project’s timeline.
  • The existing track structure will be replaced with new rail encased in a rubber boot based on updated track construction guidelines.
  • With projects like this combined with the city’s aging infrastructure, it is not uncommon that crews encounter underground water leaks. When that happens, the Philadelphia Water Department is immediately notified.
  • In addition to construction vehicles and equipment, SEPTA will also have a work trailer on site at the northwest corner of 42nd and Spruce.
  • Exceptions/Arrangements will be made as required for those with special needs.
  • Delivery vehicles will have limited access; drivers may have to park and carry parcels to a specific location.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained during construction.
  • Check www.septa.org for travel information or call Customer Service at 215-580-7800.



  • Reduced vibrations – increased continuity with steel tie construction and increased bonding.
  • New and improved track components – smoother ride for trolleys and vehicular traffic.
  • New street surface – new concrete/asphalt paving and line painting once work is completed

For additional information, visit www.septa.org or contact the SEPTA Customer Service Department at 215-580-7800.