Sprucing Up 30th Street Station

Jul 15, 2016 7 years ago

University City District has entered into a collaboration with Amtrak  to install ten “living walls” onto columns within 30th Street Station in a beautification project within Philadelphia’s main rail transportation hub. The walls, located on columns on the 29th and 30th Street sides of the station, were designed by University City District's Nate Hommel, fabricated locally and installed by Philadelphia-based company Shift_Design, and will be maintained by the University City District’s Green City Works landscaping crew in a one-year beautification project for Amtrak.

The project coincides with additional improvements by Amtrak, including a major bathroom renovation, an ongoing restoration of the station’s historic doors, and new amenities.

On Friday, July 15th, Senator Bob Casey, University City District (UCD)’s Executive Director Matt Bergheiser, Amtrak Executive Vice President Stephen Gardner, and Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee Executive Director Kevin Washo assisted in installing the vertical and horizontal planters that will be placed throughout the station adding livelihood, color, and a sustainable touch to the iconic station.

Senator Casey offered his support to Amtrak’s partnership with University City District and its social enterprise, Green City Works, to not only improve the experience for passengers and visitors, but also their work supporting employment for local residents at the same time. Green City Works is University City District’s new social ventures program designed to offer high quality landscaping services while connecting local community members to good, stable jobs. Green City Works allows UCD to fully integrate their expertise in developing vibrant public spaces with its strength in workforce development.

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