Community Events, Arts and Culture

UCD cares about University City, and we work to unite people around our corridors, businesses, art, parks, and public spaces. Popular signature events such as the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, the 40th Street Summer Series, University City Dining Days, Movies in Clark Park, and the Clark Park Farmers' Market all serve to bring people together. We work to continually elevate University City's status as a world class neighborhood with world class amenities.


If you would like to share our posters or postcards with your community, please contact Alissa Weiss, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications at [email protected]

40th Street Summer Series

Each summer UCD brings dance, live theater, music, and a few surprises to the neighborhood! Check out the new location for 2019 on Penn's campus just south of 39th and Walnut. 

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

During the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll thousands of people walk the streets enjoying $1 specials, live music, and street performances. 

University City Dining Days

University City’s version of “restaurant week” is Dining Days. Participating restaurants offer a prix-fixe three-course dinner special for $15, $25 or $35. The “3 courses, 3 prices” concept accommodates University City’s diverse culinary options.

Movies in Clark Park

A family-friendly four-week offering of free outdoor screenings beginning in August.

University City MIX

Our professional networking happy hour series.

What's Happening at The Porch at 30th Street Station

Information on food trucks, entertainment, and events at The Porch.

Trolley Portal Gardens

Creating a new hub of activity at the heart of University City while greening and revitalizing an unsafe concrete space.