The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll will return for two nights of fun in 2024! Save the dates for the evenings of Thursday, June 6th and Thursday, September 5th. Join us for $1, $3, and $5 deals from local businesses and vendors, plus programming on Baltimore between 40th and 51st!


Are you a community vendor interested in selling food or merchandise at our Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll? Click here for more details on how to apply. Please note: Applications for the September 5th, 2024 Dollar Stroll are due by August 9th, 2024. 

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

Thank you to our 2024 Dollar Stroll sponsors!


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June 2024 Vendors


  • Desi Chaat House: $1 Veggie samosa, $3 Veggie pakora, mango lassi, $5 Papri chaat
  • Manzanita: $1 Temporary tattoos, $5 Polaroid portraits
  • HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy: $1 Scratch pads, pens, card holders, $3 Drawstring bags, towels, pouches, $5 Student artwork, water bottles, mugs
  • Milkcrate Cafe: $1, $3, and $5 records, CDs, and books
  • Alif Brew & Mini Mart: $1 Sambusa, $3 Sambusa and lemonade, $5 Chicken or veggie wrap
  • Queen of Sheba:  $1 Enjera roll, $3 PBR can    
  • Fiesta Pizza: $1 French fries, ice cream, water ice, water, $3 three-piece mozzarella sticks, $5 6" Cheesesteak
  • Baltimore Pet Shoppe:  $1 Pet treats and toys, $3 Pet treats and toys, $5 Pet treats and toys
  • Doro Bet Ethiopian Fried Chicken: $1 Berbere wing, water, $3 Greens, mac&cheese, Mahalabiya dessert, sweet Kerkede, $5 Tender&fries, fried mushroom & fries with mitmita aioli
  • Desi Village: $1 Mango icees, vegetable pakoras, fried chicken wings, and vegetable samosas
  • Red Lotus Spa + Nails:  $1 Accessories, make up, snacks, $3 Plants, body products, jewelry, $5 Yard sale items
  • Mood Cafe: $1 Veggie samosa, $3 Mango lassi    
  • Sichuan Mathai:  $1 Spring roll, $3 Dan Dan noodles 
  • Baltimore Avenue Business Association: Handmade wares and BABA memberships   
  • Loco Pez: $1 Chicken, asada, or soy tacos        
  • PHilthy Paws: $1 Dog bandana    $3 off nail trim    $5 off nail dremel
  • Hayashi Sushi: $1 Pocky, $3 Tokoyaki, fried tofu nuggets, $5 Thai milk tea, California Roll
  • Books Through Bars: $1 Used books        
  • Dahlak: $1 Signature wings, lentil injera rolls, $3 Timtim tomato salad, $5 Cheesesteak
  • Vientiane Cafe: $1 Vegetarian spring rolls, $3 Crispy spring rolls, Thai iced tea, $5 Naam salad
  • Calvary United Methodist Church   
  • Curio Theatre Company: $1 Preview show tickets        
  • Mariposa Food Co-op:  $1 Chocolate banana popsicles, totes, Route 11 chips, $3 Me & the Bees Lemonade    
  • Hair Vyce Studio:  $3 Faux tattoos, hair clips, headbands, keychains    
  • Carbon Copy:  $3 Tomato pie, vanilla soft serve, $5 Select cans of beer
  • Third Wheel Cheese Co:  $1 Cheese bite, $5 three Cheese assortment
  • Jay Danee' Naturals - $3 butters, lip balms, $5 oils and soaps
  • VIX Emporium:  $1 "West Philly" sticker, $3 "West Philly" hand-printed note card, $5 "West Philly" notebook
  • Ceramic Concept:  $3 Airplants, 2" succulents, $5 Handmade soap, $5 off workshops
  • Booker's Restaurant and Bar: $5 Wings or wine
  • Amari's Restaurant: coming soon!
  • Triple Girl Treatment Candle Co: $1 Lip therapy, $3 Lip gloss&scrub, hand lotion, $5 Candles



48th Street Block Party Vendors:

  • The Pink Elephant: $1 Soap samples and shower steamers, $3 Mini soaps, $5 TBD
  • Got U Covered: $1 Headbands, earrings, rings, $3 Kids sunglasses, earrings, $5 Sunglasses, earrings
  • Amira's Delites: $1 Cupcakes, $3 Cookies, $5 Brownies
  • New Day Office Bakery Cafe: $1 Water, $3 Sweet potato pie, bean pie, juices, brownies, $5 Sweet potato cheesecake, bread pudding
  • Philly Yongmudo: live Martial Arts demos, $5 class passes
  • Poundcake Heaven: $1 Cake slices, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate pretzels, $3 Cake slices, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate pretzels, $5 Cake slices
  • Black Hound Clay Studio West: $3 West Philly Sticker Sheets, $5 Mini melted glass bowls
  • What's on the Grill: $1, $3, and $5 grilled items
  • Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union            
  • Lundy Law            
  • Fulton Bank            
  • The Rounds  



Clark Park + HMS School:

  • Humpty's Dumplings Truck: Dumpling combos
  • Performance by Orchestra 2001
  • Maryams Mark and Co: $1  Bookmarks and coloring sheets, $3 Rings, painted earrings, $5 Art, hand-painted tshirts, workbooks
  • Plant and People: $1 Organic seeds, $5 two pins, herbs, tropical plants, succulents
  • The Flyers            
  • Bebashi Transition to Hope            
  • Roots of Life - The Eye C: $5 Keychains, crystals, skeleton keys, rings
  • Irene:  $1 Beaded jewelry, $3 bracelets and potholders, and $5 waist beads
  • Project Meow            
  • Baby B Soothed            
  • Da Vinci Art Alliance
  • Sharing Excess: Free produce for small donation
  • T-Mobile      



Trolley Portal Gardens

  • Performance by Gretchen Elise (5-7 PM)    
  • Renata's Kitchen: $5 margaritas
  • Paint Philly    



50th Triangle    

  • Performance by Hip Hop Fundamentals    

June 2024 Map

Plan your Dollar Stroll! Click on the map to view/download a PDF!


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The deadline has passed to vend at the June 6th, 2024 Dollar Stroll. If you are a community vendor interested in becoming an approved vendor at the Stroll, you can apply for our second Dollar Stroll of 2024 on September 5th. Apply before Monday, August 5th to be considered. Click here to learn more about applying

The purpose of selecting official vendors is to ensure all food vendors are in compliance with Philadelphia Health Department codes and regulations and aren’t at risk of being shut down during the event. Selected vendors will be included on event maps and marketing materials for the event. 

For general event inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, contact Margaret Leidy Starke, Senior Manager of Events and Community Partnerships, at 215.243.0555 x227 or [email protected].