CBS Philly: Hear Philly: Your Dollar Goes A Long Way At The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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By Dan Majka

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One dollar doesn’t typically get you very far, but on Thursday evening, June 19 it can go a long way at the annual Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll between 43rd and 51st Streets in Philadelphia’s University City District.

“We have everything from dollar tofu skewers to dollar gifts, dollar raw foods, dollar memberships, dollar beers, dollar ice cream, all kinds of different things,” says Lori Brennan, Marketing and Communications Director for the University City District. “Some of the vendors line the sidewalks. It is supplemented with some food trucks, entertainment, street performers, live music.”

Brennan says the goal of the Dollar Stroll is to familiarize people from the region with the brick and mortar businesses along Baltimore Avenue.

“Some of these businesses have been there for a very long time,” Brennan says, “like Dahlak Restaurant, which has been there for more than 20 years, alongside places like Dock Street Brewery, who’s been around not quite a decade, to some folks like Greensgrow West, which is brand new.”

Brennan says the Dollar Stroll is an opportunity to get specials that you would normally pay significantly more for in most cases.

“We’ve got neighborhood groups like Friends of Clark Park, Cedar Park Neighbors, the University City Historical Society all offering either logoed items or memberships at a discount for a dollar,” she says. “Curio Theatre Company offers tickets to their Season 10 for a dollar a piece.”

And forget wasting your money on the value menu at some fast food joint. The Dollar Stroll offers a variety of great one dollar food options.

“Vientiane Cafe. They’ll be offering dollar tofu satay, fresh tofu spring rolls, chicken skewers and nom salad, Brennan says. “We’ve got places like the Gold Standard that will be offering mini sandwiches. They’re always a favorite. The Mariposa Food Co-Op with banana whips and other drinks and cookies. Little Baby’s Ice Cream. This is their second year participating, offering mini scoops of ice cream.”

Not hungry? No worries. Brennan says a dollar will get you a lot more than just something to eat.

“Zipcar will be offering reusable shopping bags.” she says. “Zed’s Gifts, which is a new store, is going to be offering various dollar novelty gifts, and the Baltimore Pet Shoppe offers toys and treats for cats and dogs.”

And if you stroll up and down the avenue, whether you’re starting at 43rd Street, 51st Street or somewhere in the middle, you’ll be treated to plenty of family-friendly entertainment.

“You’ll encounter a bagpipe player,” Brennan says. “You might wander by a live band at 46th Street, you might see a fire performance if you hang out when it starts to get darker.”

Whether you’re spending a dollar, ten dollars or just a few hours of your time, Brennan says the Dollar Stroll is a unique way to enjoy an evening — that for many — would otherwise be nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s a chance to be outdoors and just to be able to take advantage of these discounts,” Brennan says, “and kind of experience a street festival atmosphere on a Thursday evening when typically maybe they would be at home making dinner or doing homework.”

The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll is Thursday, June 19 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. For a complete list of participants and their locations, visit