The DP: Renovation of 40th St. trolley station: Concrete to green

Monday, October 14, 2013

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by Claire Cohen

The 40th Street trolley station will be undergoing significant change.

The University City District is working on a plan to transform the current station — located on 40th Street near Woodland Avenue and Baltimore Avenue — into a plaza with vegetation and a café.

The portal houses the 11, 13, 34 and 36 trolley lines and is a trolley-only station. The current renovation plan calls for two phases to the project. The first phase will add green life, create storm water infrastructure and improve pedestrian safety. The second phase will build a cafe for the space.

The total project is estimated to cost around $3 million, with phase one costing a little over $1 million. UCD has committed $650,000 for phase one.

The plan will turn 7,000 square feet of the current 16,000 square feet of concrete into green space. The portal will have a green roof and trees will be planted around the café.

In November 2012, University City District first announced that it was working with SEPTA, city organizations and landscape architects Andropogon Associates to renovate the current station. Construction has not yet begun on the site.

In 2010, almost 3,400 riders used the portal each day. It was the second busiest trolley stop in University City.

According to the State of the University City District for 2013-2014, the portal “will be an animated gathering space with abundant sun and shade, trees and plantings with features offering varied ways for diverse users to enjoy and experience the space.”