Heart & Soul: The University City public piano project

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DPG Online

By Ari Melman

The University City District is trying a whole bunch of new ways to get the community more involved. For the next ten days, we can delight in musical expression with “Heart & Soul: The University City Public Piano Project.”

Eight artistically designed pianos will be distributed across U.City, from 30th Street Station to 33rd and market all the way up to Clark Park. The Drexel based piano is covered head to toe in knitting, hand stitched in rainbow colors. Other pianos are modeled after Scott Joplin’s ragtime-era 1920′s billboards, Van Gogh’s starry night, a rocket ship with colored keys, a race car, natural flowers and symmetric black-on-white patterns. They are all tuned, aesthetically interesting, and ready for playing.

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