No whacking balls allowed at 30th Street Station mini-golf

Monday, June 18, 2012

Posted by Emily Guendelsberger on

The Porch at 30th Street Station continues to use their $120,000 of Knight grant money (!) to attempt to draw people to hang out in a place that's traditionally the realm of travelers, cars angrily trying to get onto 76 and honking Bolt Buses. The latest effort: a pop-up beer garden July 12-14 and free mini-golf for the month of July. They have a pretty entertainingly thorough list of rules already up, apparently in anticipation of a horde of mini-golf loving barbarians. These include:

All participants must use the club and ball provided.

Don't push your way through the course. Please be patient and wait your turn.

No whacking balls.

Mini-golf is a family game, so players should refrain from using foul language.

Anyone who does not follow the rules posted about will be made to leave the course.

Knowing Philly, it's not like their apparent expectations are out of line, but it's still kind of funny. (And who brings their own ball and club to mini-golf?)