PHILADELPHIA TODAY • How University City District is Addressing Homelessness in Philadelphia

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

How University City District is Addressing Homelessness in Philadelphia

University City District is committed to making positive changes across the region. As the challenge of homelessness has arisen in the neighborhood, action is being done, writes University City District in a recent blog post. 

Those in the neighborhood will notice Public Safety Ambassadors, uniformed in black and yellow, who offer a number of services from walking escorts to vehicle jumpstarts to homeless outreach.

When those Ambassadors interact with unhoused individuals on the streets or in public spaces, the goal is to connect them with agencies that can help. 

These agencies include Project HOMEHorizon House, and the City’s Office of Homeless Services

More recently, UCD expanded its services by creating a Homeless Outreach Services Team.

In April 2023, Caitlyn Shauger — whose passion is to help others and work with the homeless population — was named its inaugural Homeless Outreach Services Manager.

“Hearing about this position was insane. This was exactly what I was looking for,” she said. 

In the role, she serves as an informal caseworker for those living on the streets.

Her mission is clear.

“My approach is to talk to people every single day, to become part of their daily routine, and to figure out what we can provide to help,” she said.

Learn more about UDC’s approach to addressing homelessness in the University City District blog.


By Jensen Toussaint • Published: 5:26 am EDT October 31, 2023Updated: 7:12 am EDT October 31, 2023