PHILLY VOICE • Here's how to get free water ice in West Philly today

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Originally published by Philly Voice

Here's how to get free water ice in West Philly today

The giveaway is part of the celebration of the Trolley Car Diner's future new location

Rendering of Trolley Car Station, viewed from a distance.

JULY 19, 2017

Head to the 40th Street Trolley Station on Baltimore Avenue this Wednesday and you’ll be greeted with a free helping of locally made water ice.

The people behind the Trolley Car Diner, known and loved by regulars of the long-running Mt. Airy eatery and ice cream shop, are opening a second restaurant in West Philadelphia at the 40th Street Station trolley stop on Baltimore Avenue. 

To commemorate the start of construction, which began in June, the public is welcome to free water ice from the Trolley Car Ice Cream Shop on Wednesday, July 19, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Once the new restaurant – which will be called Trolley Car Station – is complete, it will be the centerpiece to the upcoming Trolley Gardens Portal, a project spearheaded by the University City District that will reinvent the 40th Street station with fresh landscaping, outdoor seating, bike racks, and the new Trolley Car Diner location.

The project has been underway since late 2016, after the University City District raised $2.1 million through a partnership with SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia, and neighborhood stakeholders.

When construction has completed, the new restaurant will be two stories tall and have seating for 125. The tentative completion date is Spring 2018. It will serve three meals a day and offer take-out beer.

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