That’s No Moon … It’s a Parklet

Friday, July 17, 2015

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That’s No Moon … It’s a Parklet

University City District erects Philadelphia’s largest parklet on 40th Street.

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Tim Barnes - Shift_Design- Parklet

Photo Courtesy of SHIFT_DESIGN

The University City District last week installed what might just be the world’s biggest parklet at 125 S. 40th Street.

The 60-foot behemoth stretches past three storefronts, and it sports enough seating for a wedding reception (kidding … kind of). The parklet’s contemporary aesthetic will be familiar to anyone who’s seen other UCD parklets. This one is also the work of SHIFT_DESIGN.

UCD's parklets have been huge hits, pretty much since their inception. The district studied their impact on street life and local businesses in a report published earlier this year, which confirmed the obvious: people pack into well-sited parklets, and the streets and businesses lucky enough to have one nearby are more vibrant and more successful.

The 60-foot behemoth that went in last week is 10 feet longer than UCD's second largest parklet, and three times the length of its smaller models. UCD says it's not aware of a bigger, temporary parklet anywhere.