Today Aside, It’s Warm Weather Time, So Enjoy Your University City Parklets For 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

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We know it’s cold outside right now, but if you’re indoors with the window closed and you’re just looking at the sunshine, it could really pass for a nice, warm, spring day. Those are going to be more frequent than infrequent in the near future though, and to help you take advantage of all of that sunshine before you get too sweaty to sit in the sun, University City District is unveiling their 2014 Parklets.

The Parklets themselves opened up on Monday — but it’s hasn’t exactly been sit outside weather — and were set up by the UCD, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities and funded by the William Penn Foundation. They look real nice too, and can be found at the following locales:

4040 Locust Street (Hosted by Ramen Bar)
261 S. 44th Street (Hosted by Honest Tom’s Tacos and Lil’ Pop Shop)
4239 Baltimore Ave (Hosted by Green Line Cafe)
810 S. 47th Street (Hosted by Fu-Wah Market)
4903 Catharine Street (Hosted by Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Hibiscus Cafe)

You can add these to Race Street Pier and “just outdoors generally” on your list of places to spend your time this spring.