University City: Nonprofit Organization Aims to Advance Sustainability

Monday, April 9, 2012

Philadelphia Neighborhoods
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By Emad S. Khalil

The University City District, a nonprofit organization located on the corner of 40th and Chestnut streets, is opening a compost center in University City, turning an unused lot into a sustainable environment for the community. The effort stems from UCD’s initiative to make University City self-reliant in regards to compost and “green waste.” The area now uses Fairmount Park’s compost areas, but with the help of UCD and University City’s residents, a compost center will open this spring at 4310 Market St.

Seth Budick, manager of policy and research at University City District, said the compost idea is just one of the ideas that UCD is helping create to achieve the city’s environmental goals.

“We’re just constantly looking for new opportunities to partner with city agencies or institutions or private developers when there’s a chance to try to guide policy or development so that it aligns with the city’s goals.”

Aside from the new compost center and regular neighborhood cleanups, UCD has helped residents with preserving food, storm-water management and saving their home’s energy.

Budick also praised the area’s progressive attitude towards sustainability, and cites the support as one of the factors of the programs’ success.

The compost center is scheduled to open by late spring.

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