University City's fast-growing Leadnomics offers hiring bonuses for developers, media buyers

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Philadelphia based Leadnomics is growing so fast that it's hard to project how big the lead generator will get this year. Since its inception in 2007, the company has grown 3,932%, according to Inc Magazine, which in 2011 ranked Leadnomics No. 48 in advertising and marketing companies nationwide.

Stephen Gill, Leadnomics CEO, says projections for 2012 are difficult due to rapid growth, but notes that there are now over 25 full time employees at the lead generation company. "The conversion process is an art and a science," explains Gill, who works with a vast national network of hundreds of lead buyers. "There are a lot of companies in marketing, but we are a marketing and technology company," says Gill. "Our model is like Lending Tree or Service Magic." Customers are captured via search marketing and are led to a Leadnomics powered page. "Almost all our customers are delivered in real time."

Leadnomics, with $5.8 million in reported annual revenue in 2010, works with nationally scalable companies in insurance, financial services, education and brand partnerships, reaching tens of thousands of potential customers a day, according to Gill, who plans to move into mortgages, senior care and home services in the coming months.

Gill has been working in the interactive world since 2003, starting his first business, which provided online tech support, while still in high school. At Rowan University, Gill says he stumbled into marketing. "I started doing marketing for paid search, dating and eCommerce." He met Leadnomics co-founder Zach Robbins at Rowan, and the duo moved from New Jersey to Philadelphia in 2009.

Today's expansive offices in the Cira Center are a vast improvement over previous incarnations, which included a home based office as well as workspace leased from a law firm. The 10,000 square foot space allows for company growth. "I hope we will have enough room here," says Gill. "We try to scale the business. People are not proportional to revenue." Nonetheless, Leadnomics is offering hiring bonuses for developers and online media buyers, which it is actively recruiting.

Gill attributes the company's success to the combination of proprietary technology and a marketing background. "Conversion is key," he says of leads. "Consumers want to get to a site that's trusted and safe. They are searching for a solution to a problem. The customer first sees you, and you bring them down a funnel. You get them comfortable talking to you before you ask for a lot of personal information."

Gill also looks forward to expanding the company's presence in New York City, where he plans on expanding the satellite sales office to accommodate a greater number of New York based clients.

Source: Stephen Gill, Leadnomics
Writer: Sue Spolan

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