WEST PHILLY LOCAL • Parklets are back, now include board games

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Originally published on West Philly Local

Parklets are back, now include board games

April 18, 2019


Philadelphia’s first “parklet” was installed in 2011 at 43rd and Baltimore (Archived photo).

Since the weather has gotten consistently warm, temporary seating platforms, aka “parklets”, have been reinstalled at six locations:

• 4040 Locust St. (hosted by Ramen Bar)
• 261 S. 44th St. (hosted by Honest Tom’s Tacos and Lil’ Pop Shop)
• 4239 Baltimore Ave. (hosted by Green Line Cafe)
• 4903 Catharine St (hosted by Little Baby’s Ice Cream)
• 3601 Market Street (between Market and Filbert, hosted by Schmear It, Jimmy John’s, and M.A.T.T.S. Sliders)
• 4725 Pine Street (hosted by the Garden Court Community Association) 

The city’s first Parklet was installed in 2011 at 43rd and Baltimore. Although Parklets are usually located near cafes or restaurants, it’s not required to buy any food or drinks to sit there. And starting this year, board games were added at each of the Parklets, so you can enjoy games like Jenga, Chess, Checkers, cards, and more.

Parklets, which also feature planters and a decorative railing, are installed by University City District’s Public Space and Maintenance crews and are landscaped by UCD’s Green City Works landscaping team.