The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll Returns September 13th

Aug 29, 2018 9 months ago

The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, presented in association with the Baltimore Avenue Business Association (BABA), returns for second time on Thursday, September 13th, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm. During this unique event, University City’s Baltimore Avenue between 43rd and 52nd Streets showcases its businesses with $1 bargains from neighborhood favorites, ranging from bites from signature restaurants to pet supplies to theater tickets. The Dollar Stroll also highlights new businesses along the constantly growing commercial corridor and assists community vendors with licensing and permitting through the Philadelphia Health Department so they can safely sell food.

The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll has become a signature event for the neighborhood, routinely attracting crowds in the thousands. Live music, family entertainment, and more accompany the deals, making this a great event for people of all ages. Check out our map of participants, offerings, and locations below, or grab one during the Stroll! The map is subject to change as we add more vendors and attractions.


Download the map here!


We have worked with the Philadelphia Health Department to confirm all of the food vendors for the September 13th Dollar Stroll, and are now at full capacity for community food vendors. This year, only licensed, permitted food vendors will be able to participate during the Dollar Stroll. Did you miss out on applying? Don't worry! If you're interested in vending at future Dollar Strolls, please email Margaret Starke, Event Planner, at [email protected], to get on our list for future consideration.  Details on future vending will be coming in early 2019.

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